How To Get Your Closet Ready For Fall

Posted by Sierra on 9/5/2017 to Video

In a recent Facebook Friday Live, I shared how to get your closet ready for fall. I went into detail with each of the 3 steps and talked about both the hows and the whys to doing so. Here is the abridged version for those who prefer not to watch the video. If you however would like to know more, please watch!

To get your closet ready for fall there are 3 things that need to be done:

All About Seahorses

Posted by Sierra on 8/14/2017 to Animal Meanings

Why wear seahorses on your jewelry? Click on read more to find out...

Behind The Scenes

Posted by Sierra on 2/16/2017 to Behind the scenes

In the studio today. So happy to be here. Vacation is great and all, but it's good to be back! SaveSave SaveSave

Behind The Scenes

Posted by Sierra on 2/15/2017 to Behind the scenes

I spy fluorite in the gems for the SS17 Collection! Getting close to launch, making the last minute gemstone switches for the designs. The studio is bursting with beauty right now! SaveSave

How I'm wearing Manic Trout today

Posted by Sierra on 2/13/2017

I get stuck on outfits. I love them so much that I put them on repeat...similar to when you want to play a song over and over. I *try* and at least switch up the jewelry, but that's not always the case, as I love that too. And the very least, I try and keep it to once a week, twice max, but oops! Here's the pink dress I've worn too much recently and the In Dreams Necklace. SaveSave SaveSave

How To Wear It: Pre Spring Pretty

Posted by Sierra on 2/10/2017 to How To Wear It

We are currently in the midst of one of those times of year when you walk into a store or shop online and SPRING!! screams at you. Meanwhile, in the US, it's pretty chilly still and the thought of wearing SPRING!! makes you almost not want to shop. But you do and then you want to wear your new clothes, shoes, bag, jewelry, even though it's not quite feeling right yet. That my trouties, is where is the magic of transitional dressing comes in. I'm not sure if this is really a thing, it may be only in my mind, but it makes sense so hear me out. The in between times are when you wear a bit of both worlds. You can mix your lighter spring colors with black and navy, making them look less light, just like this dress does. You can add more layers in the form of sweaters, cardigans, jackets and tights. For accessories, it's the same idea. You are pairing your lighter and brighter pieces with darker neutrals and colors. Taking a bit from here, a bit from there. This also applies when you start to have random hot days, but it's still say February and you don't want to be "that guy" (the one in shorts and flip flops in winter the second the sun comes out).

For example, if the accessories in this outfit were paired with a light sun dress, they would look much more warm month appropriate. By pairing them with black, you are grounding them in the darker season, and getting to wear your more SPRING!! pieces. Note that I selected a dress and accessories that are all transitional. A solid black dress and only one SPRING!! accessory would be perfect in this case and as you can imagine so would all the other combos you could make with one SPRING!! thing and the rest winter appropriate.

Outfit details: Dress by Ted Baker, Shoes by Chloe, Bag by Charlotte Olympia and Jewelry by Manic Trout
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Quote of the week

Posted by Sierra on 2/8/2017

I love this quote, and it's so beautifully true! SaveSave SaveSave

Behind The Scenes - Designing A Collection

Posted by Sierra on 2/7/2017

As we're getting closer to the launch of the SS17 Collection, I thought I'd share a bit about what goes into designing each of these quarterly releases at Manic Trout.

To learn all about the designing of a new collection, click Read More below...

All About Sapphire

Posted by Sierra on 2/6/2017 to Gemstone Meanings

In honor of today marking 65 years since Queen Elizabeth acceded to the British throne, and becoming the first British monarch in history to celebrate her Sapphire Jubilee, we'll learn all about the sapphire! As Sapphires are the most precious and valuable of the blue gemstones, they are incredibly popular. They are also incredibly expensive, so as much as I love them, along with diamonds, rubies and emeralds, you will not find thees beauties at Manic Trout. They still still deserve plenty of our love and attention though so let's dive in.

Click Read More below to learn All About Sapphire...


Posted by Sierra on 2/2/2017

I'm so excited to share new jewelry with you today! If you have been around Manic Trout for a while, you know that I stick to a rather consistent schedule of new releases (4 x's per year), adding to the last chance sale (4 x's per year) and holding the sample sale (2x's per year). Well, this week I have gone off book and released a little mini treat that is in additional to all of the normal collections this year. I didn't want you tho think that this replaced the SS17 Collection, that will still be coming soon!

Click Read More below to see what is new!

Wisdom Wednesday

Posted by Sierra on 2/1/2017

Are you wondering what the best to give for Valentines's Day is? Hint,'s jewelry! This does not mea you have to invest in diamonds, find out what your favorite ladies favorite places to shop and pick out something special there. She'll not only love it, but be thrilled that you pay attention! SaveSave

All About Amethyst

Posted by Sierra on 1/30/2017 to Gemstone Meanings

We're getting a jump on the month of February...woo hoo! As I discussed in the History of Birthstones post, the birthstone for February is Amethyst. I love this gemstone and I'm not alone, it is an incredibly popular in not only jewelry, but displayed in it's raw form as décor as well. These are often rather small, but I have stood next to huge geodes that if I had been allowed, would fit me if I crawled inside of them! I actually found myself surprised at much of what I learned as I researched amethyst, not because I didn't expect it, but rather because I assumed I knew so much about it already, but there was so much more to learn!

To learn all about amethyst, click Read More below!
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How To Wear It: Pink & Orange

Posted by Sierra on 1/27/2017 to How To Wear It

I will one day soon write in length about the color wheel and how to get dressed using it. Until that day, I'l just assume you get the basics already. The basic here is that pink is a light tint of red, and red and orange are next to each other (or close depending on how a large a wheel you are using) on the color wheel. In my opinion, this means that they look great together (another example is green and blue). Bright pink, like fuchsia and a dark red, like maroon, also look great with orange and love that this skirt embodies all of them. As the skirt and cape are super bold in color, the top, shoes, bag and half of the jewelry are all the same neutral. But I pulled the colors from the skirt for the earrings, which also brings these colors up to the face and drawing attention there as well.

Brightly patterened and colorful skirts are a great way to play with bold color. As it's not near your face, none of the colors will be unflattering to your skin and you can pair it with all neutrals or a mix of neutrals and colors pulled from the pattern. If you want to learn more about wearing bold colors, be sure to check out this post!

Outfit details: Top by Blk Dnm, Skirt by House of Holland, Cape Burberry, Shoes by Escada, Bag by Mansur Gavriel, Jewelry by Manic Trout.
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The History of Charm Bracelets

Posted by Sierra on 1/26/2017 to History of Jewelry

Did your mom or grandmother have a charm bracelet when you were little? My mom had one that she no longer wore, and passed down to me and I loved hearing her explain why each charm was on there and what it meant. Eventually, she decided it was time to start building my own and part of the fun for many years, was collecting and adding the charms together to mark occasions, including a trout for the day I legally formed Manic Trout! My maternal grandmother also had charm bracelet but hers was not so much a marker for events and likes, but held coins that her eldest son collected when he was deployed during the Vietnam War and made into a bracelet for her when he returned home. As I began researching this post, I had to chuckle that the women in my family were the exact ages to follow the history of charm bracelets in the US perfectly. It's no wonder they was such a part of my childhood!

To learn all about the history of charm bracelets, click Read More below!
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Wisdom Wednesday

Posted by Sierra on 1/25/2017

There was a great conversation over on the facbook page the other day about how jewelry has the power to instantly give you confidence and make you feel as though you could handle anything after you put it on. That is what I love about designing jewelry...the ability it has to transform you. You can feel so many things when you put jewelry on: confident, prepared, sexy, powerful...the only limit is your imagination!

The mission of Manic Trout and my work is to make you feel empowered, pulled together, prepared for where ever you're going or what ever you're doing and that you're living your best life. Hurray for jewelry!

Behind The Scenes - Production

Posted by Sierra on 1/24/2017 to Behind the scenes

For those of you who don't already know, I (Sierra), make all of the jewelry here at Manic Trout in my Austin studio. Over the years, I have brought in various artisans to do piece work for me, but I always make to sure to finish each piece as a way to ensure the high standards you are used to with the jewelry.

The question I am most often asked is how I manage to do this, so I thought I would share the how today and with it, a bit of the why.

Click READ MORE below to learn about production in the Manic Trout studio...
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The History of State Gemstones

Posted by Sierra on 1/23/2017 to Gemstone Meanings

Did you know that your state most likely has either an official gem stone, mineral or rock, maybe even all three? I was vaguely aware of this, but never gave it much thought...until now. As so many gems and minerals are found around the US, it makes sense to celebrate what is found in each state. After we explore why there are state gemstones and what these minerals, rocks and gemstones that each state has selected are, I wonder how many of us will begin to notice their presence more often? I know when I would visit my dad in NH growing up, granite was incredibly popular and seen everywhere throughout the state, but I never heard much about the Garnet being the state gemstone of NY until now. I'm super curious to observe how much of a part of modern day life the gems, minerals and rocks are to each state these days. How fun would it be to collect them all while on a family road trip?? I know that now travel will have new thrill as I look for signs of these in each state I visit!

Learn all about the official state gemstones by clicking Read More below!
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All About Amazonite

Posted by Sierra on 1/20/2017 to Gemstone Meanings

From the moment I first laid my eyes on Amazonite and held it in my hands, I was smitten. Perhaps, as I learned today, it's because I was born on March 22nd, making me both an Aries and born in spring which are both indications that I should wear the stone. Or maybe I felt the calming metaphysical properties as it touched my skin. Better yet, it could be that I connected with the warrior women of Greek Mythology and felt the power within. Or hey, it simply may be that I just think it's pretty. If you're curious to learn all about the beautiful gemstone, Amazonite, you'll find everything you want to know below!

Click READ MORE to continue...

Wisdom Wednesday

Posted by Sierra on 1/18/2017
I love this quote and feel it is so true. Similar to hearing songs and being instantly transported back in time, looking at piece of jewelry that I once wore constantly takes me back to the era of my life when I wore it. Do you have jewelry that does this?

The History of Cocktail Rings

Posted by Sierra on 1/17/2017 to History of Jewelry

A staple of any statement jewelry collection, is the cocktail ring. The bigger and more colorful, the better. I know that if I want to create instant evening glamour, I can slip one on my right hand and feel instantly glamorized. What I don't know is what the origin of the cocktail ring is? Who made them popular and when? I have so many questions!! Let's find some answers...

To learn about the origin, design and how to wear cocktail rings, click Read More below!

How To Wear It: Bold Colors

Posted by Sierra on 1/16/2017 to How To Wear It

The How To Wear It posts are getting a make over! I love doing these posts and have been doing them for years. I feel like they are lacking a bit in the information department though, so I'm going to try and expand them but adding in more of the How and Why aspects to the outfits. Please keep in mind that I write these from the perspective of the style inspired by those of you wear the unique and bold statement jewelry from Manic Trout. My hope with these posts is that you enjoy these looks as eye candy. Maybe even one day while getting dressed, you'll have an a-ha! moment that will make you feel fabulous that day because of something you saw or read here. As always, I'd for this post to spark a conversation, please comment or question below!

Curious about wearing bold colors? Click READ MORE below!
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Top 5 Ways to Perk Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Posted by Sierra on 1/13/2017 to How To's

January can feel like the longest month of the year. It starts off with so much promise and excitement, but the days are still short, the weather is not always so nice, and for many of us, that snow is getting old. Sometimes nothing beats the winter blues better than a little pick me up with your style. A few simple tweaks can make getting dressed fun and bring a smile to your face when you catch your reflection (or your co-workers compliment!). Here are 5 simple ways to perk up your winter style that you can do this weekend:

Find out the Top 5 Ways to Perk Up Your Winter Wardrobe by clicking Read More below!

All About Garnet

Posted by Sierra on 1/12/2017 to Gemstone Meanings

Garnet is best known for being the birthstone for January, (see more about birthstones) the stone that celebrates the 2nd anniversary of marriage, and a symbol of romance and love. Those are all wonderful reasons that we should get to know garnet better and find out more about this beautiful, deep red gemstone. In the description of all of the jewelry, I like to give a little background on the stones used and sum up mostly the metaphysical properties in a sentence or two. Here however, I'll not only go into greater detail about the meanings, but will also give you a geology lesson, as it's interesting to learn not only about the stones, but to find out where they are coming from.

To learn all about garnet, click Read More below!

How Music Can Inspire Art (and Jewelry!)

Posted by Sierra on 1/10/2017 to How To's

One of the most commonly asked questions I get about the jewelry is "where do the names come from?". It's also probably the easiest to answer: from songs. There is an "inspired by" note by each piece of jewelry on the website, on the right side of the photo, below the materials and size info. You'll find the song that I named the jewelry for right there, on every piece.

The next question is usually, "How do I choose the songs?"...

Find out the answer by clicking Read More below!


The History of Chandelier Earrings

Posted by Sierra on 1/9/2017 to History of Jewelry

I have always been fascinated with history and love learning about the not just events of the past, but also the origin of things. Being a designer, learning about the history of techniques and styles is of not only essential to my knowledge base, but also incredibly inspiring. These days we seem to take so many things for granted without giving much thought to why they exist, so let's learn together and look deeper into why certain themes and styles have stood the test of time and what their stories are. Today, we'll learn all about chandelier earrings.

Learn about the history of chandelier earrings and how to wear them by clicking on Read More below!