Let me make your jewelry dreams come true!

Are you looking to make your Manic Trout jewelry extra special and just for you? Perhaps you want to give a personalized gift and want to include special touches. Maybe you are planning or in a wedding and want bridesmaids necklaces or a special piece for the bride? No problem, we'd love to help!

There are a few things we can do to customize Manic Trout jewelry:

1. You may select any piece from the collection and request a different color. Love the critter in a certain necklace but wish it were a different color? No problem! Any other color necklace at Manic Trout can be used for your necklace. Looking for a color not available? That too may be very possible. This is particularly wonderful for weddings or when you're shopping for a special occasion. You may also send a photo of a dress or outfit you are looking to wear and I will be happy to assist.

2. Lengths can be altered to make sure the fit is perfect for you. Do you prefer chokers or extra long necklaces? No worries we can customize any piece to the size you desire.

3. Ask about animals not currently on Manic Trout. I have more animals in the studio than currently in the designs. If there is a specific animal you're looking for, let me know.

To get started or inquire about a custom piece, please send an email with your request to Once we discuss what you are looking for, you will be emailed a mocked up version for approval and a quote before its hand made just for you. Don't worry, it will be a quick process, and you will be able to return your custom piece if its not what you wanted, just like everything else at Manic Trout!

A few questions you may consider answering:

Is there a current design you would like with a different color, animal or size?
If so, please name the necklace or bracelet here along with what you would like modified.

What color would you like?
You can be as vague as blue or as specific as ice blue.

Is there a secondary color you would like?
This is often the case when having jewelry customized in school colors.

Do you prefer Glass, Gemstones or Either?
Typically gemstones are larger and will increase the final cost. If you are unsure, I can include both bead sizes in your mock up for you.

Would you like an animal on your jewelry?
Your best bet is animals that are currently in the collection, but please ask if there is something not shown that you would like!

What is the desired length?
If you prefer that I make this decision for you, that's not a problem, but if you have a desired length or style, make sure to mention it.

Would you like multiple pieces made of this design?
Perfect for school teams, wedding parties and families!

Sail Fish Necklace Mock-Up

Sail Fish Wedding

Sail Fish Wedding

Sail Fish Wedding